Toca Life: Office App Reviews

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I mean it's Toca Boca!

I love all Toca Life games! Especially this one except for you must pay but otherwise it's awesome!! It's fun it's amazing and cute and much much more!!!

Great app!

Toca Life Office is great and really fun. I’m 14, and I can still enjoy it! Did anyone notice the stapler in jello? Isn’t that from The Office U.S (except it’s a calculator not a stapler)? I do have some suggestions for this app though. First, I think that it needs a store, like the one in Toca Life City. I think you should also be able to travel to and from Toca Life apps if you own them. So like you could go live in Toca Life City, or Farm, but then travel to Office for work.


I’m pretty sure I have every single rock life app there is, I might just be missing 1 or 2. Fox’s life games are SOOO fun, they’re my favorite game. I can’t even pick a favorite! The only thing I don’t like is that they cost money, even though it’s totally worth it!

#1 FAN

Dear Toca Boca, The only games I play are literally Toca Life games!! I have some ideas that people would love!!!! College My Favorite Movies Fair Spa Zoo Jobs Sports Cruise My Favorite Castle My Favorite


Okay so i really really really love your games but after a while and you explore all the places and stuff it gets kind of boring so you should add more things but your apps are really good... your probably not even going to read this so why am i writing this?


I just want to give you guys a tiny idea! I know a lot have been requesting if you guys could connect the games some how, so i want to just say at the very top where the helicopter maybe that could be an update where thats how you travel and i think more people have to be saying this:” you MUST have the game to be able to go there with the character you want to bring” thank you for reading and i hope i did not waste your time and i hope that i gave you an idea or at least helped 😜😍😋😊

A Toca Boca Idea

Ok I love Toca Boca but I have an idea of a new one! What about Toca Boca museum! Like you could do a visiting center a play place for the kids and maybe like a field trip! But it all on you just giving you an idea. Keep on making does awesome Toca Boca Games!


Okay , first off I just have to say FREAK YOU TOCA BOCA HATERS!!!!! Well as u can see I love toca boca and because this one has the world of technology , we’ll once u buy toca office u will know what I mean.This app is really good buy this app and JUST DO IT. Well that’s bye guys!

Cool game. But needs some work.

So there are a lot of secrets. You can pick as many characters as you want to be. It’s pretty easy. Everyone probably has a different opinion on the game. Thank you! Tune in for more of me in other game reviews! Bye!

Best Apps!

I love every single one of your Toca Life games! I have every single one. I also have a suggestion for a new app, I was thinking maybe a toca mansion, you’d create a mansion and there would be butlers, cooks, maids and the rich people owning the house. There would also be high tec bathrooms and kitchens, master bedroom, elevator and much more! Please consider this, I’m sure it would be a hit!


The helacopter doesn't fly! I thought that it could i was disapointed i thing you should make it fly✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️😊

I absolutely Love this game!!!

Hi, I’m a HUGE FAN of your games their great 👍 but... Some can be a bit boring. But I think it just needs some updates. But this one is by far my favorite I left a review on Toca life Hospital. The pils and viruses don’t work...😭😭 But other than that it’s great... I’m glad you made this one I loved to play dollhouse and I sorta miss playing it But Toca games are kinda like dollhouse it’s a really fun game. But can you update cats or more dogs? Ooooh can you update Rottweilers? Or huskies? Maybe cats to? If not it’s fine but please do! Okay I’m done righting this review thanks so much for reading!! 😘😘🤩🤩 #A HUGE FAN

Great Work!

I have an idea for a new game. What about toca boca fairy tale school? I’m not going to go into detail. After all it’s just an idea. But you guys are doing great

Toca castle or toca hotel

A toca castle would be so cool!!you could have king queen prince and princess thrones and so many cool stuff.Toca hotel would be awesome too!! Please take these ideas into consideration!!

its glitching

hi toca boca i just wanted to let u know that i love all of your games. but im having a promblem with this one. everytime i try to even touch one of the characters(the baby with the elephant hat) the game shuts off and doesnt save anything.this is a big problem for me and i would like you to fix it. overall this game is very good and really fun. thanks for yout time xoxo

There is a problem

This is my favorite game but there is a problem. The problem is, when you go to the house in the kids room and take off the paintings on the wall, there’s holes in the wall. Then if you take a person and put it in the hole and leave it in there for 2 days,in real life then take the person out it will be wearing an I am test shirt or a yes no shirt. Then when you try to change that persons clothes it crashes and restarts the whole game. Before i knew this problem I put my girl in that hole and now she is wearing an I am test shirt. I almost never play this game now because of this bug.

Great game! New app suggestion:

Dear toca company, My friend and I really love your games. We were talking about what we would like you guys to add to the game. Then we thought it would be super cool if the company could make a ne w game called: toca world. So, in "toca world" there would be all of the things in the games that you guys have in the other toca games combined in one world. Another thing to add to "toca world" would be that you need to work at a job and earn money/coins. We really hope you take some time and effort to think about making a new toca game. Thank you!!!


So i really like this one. But i want location in there and also i want more updates but they have to be really good. Here is what i want i want the toac to be free because that i cant not get all of them and i want all of them back but i just can’t get them all. Here is the main thing i want, is that i want to be more like, toca life: mansion , toca life: summer camp, toca life: zoo, an also that i want is toca life: neighborhood. Ps i want a lot of house in the toca life: neighborhood. NOW I REALLY WANT ALL OF THESE TO HAPPEN LIKE STARTING NOW!

This app is so cheesy and awesome

I love this app it is so fun there are like 1000 passageways it’s fun when you accidentally press one and you don’t know it’s a passageway me and my brother play it all the time it’s my brother’s favorite Toca life so far thank you so Toca Boca✌🏼👍🏻😜😍😘🤣


You have to get this app, once a got it I couldn’t stop playing it is just amazing but I do have an idea 💡 for a new toca game,I would call it toca field trip and you could have all the places kids would go on a school field trip😋😋so that is what I think and thank you for making toca city because I love it 😍

My favorite

This was my first toca life app. My friend recommended this to me. I really love this app. It's my favorite. But could you make the apartment bigger? Thanks!!


I love how their are so many things to find and do! This was the second toca app that I got and then I got 6 mire because it was so great! Hey if u r reading this GET THE APP! It is AWESOME! I think that the toca people should make a toca zoo it would be awesome! My ideas are that it would be sorted by water,land,sky and the farm.The farm would not be like toca stables it would be more focused on goats,pigs,cows,donkeys ect. THANKS FOR READING!

Stop superheroes

I like the game but the superhero costume should be optional because it doesn’t do anything and I understand that it is fun but it could be a setting and then you can have a normal setting

Best game ever!!!!!

The toca life games are very fun! They make me think what if someone actually had a life like this? Despite all of the amazing things about the games I would love for there to be hair and clothes stores. I just think in a everyday life you have to change your hair and buy new clothes. Also there should be surprises that aren’t it the videos. Like secret ones that if you focus enough you’ll get to understand and there are clues that lead to different surprises. Anyway everything else amazing and I can’t wait for new games!

Slight Bug

Hi! I am a fan of your games and I know many people who are. I would like to report a bug that happens in the office room of the Building w/ the bank and cafe. If you open the office chair ( secret lab or something?) And press the down button while sitting someone in the chair, when they sit down they are standing??? They are in the sitting position yet they are standing on the chair. Thank you for reading my review :)

Toca dance

I think we should have a toca dance to do dance offs with hip hop and ballet also with all of the different dance moves and all the apps u make babies should get to were what ever close the want not just baby clothes

Toca skii and snowboard resort

Toca ski and snowboard resort u saw another person post their idea about this and I think it is great so please make this and go checkout what she said about it!!!

Me love ❤️ it

Play dI love 💕 this app so much 🗣 when I got this I play this right away never stop 🛑 Toca

More ideas!

Toca life preschool- lots of kids going to school! ,toca life create- you can design a character and map, and choose everything about your land! , toca life island- your stuck on the island and theirs a secret way to get out!, toca life winter- snow fights, winter coats, and sledding! Winter fun! , toca life jobs- choose a job like store employee, super hero, villain, veteran, or a chief! Toca life games- arcade, baseball, soccer, football, basketball! Cards, pizza, and anything fun! Toca life jungle- leopards, trees, nature! Tree house, lakes, and fun! Toca life rainy day- rain rain and more rain! Splash in puddles, stay warm, or stay inside and play cards, hear thunder, see lightning!

I love this game!

Hey Toca! I love all the life games you have made, and I have a really cool suggestion on a new game you could try to make: Toca Life Dream house. So, some ideas I had about this house were that it could be a giant house with its own built in cafe, and maybe a couple animals. I don’t want to steal the idea of animals from Toca Life Pets, so not too many. I just like the idea that they could have pets in their house. They could also have one room devoted to a closet, but with this cool outfit maker thing. Now, just bare with me. So it has options of shirts, dresses, pants, etc. and my idea is that you can make your own outfit! There could be tons of rooms and the house is all fancy and it would be totally cool! Another idea is Toca Life Fantasy. This pretty much explains itself. So, it’s like a fantasy world and there’s magic and it would be awesome! Lastly, I would like it if we were able to make our own Toca Person! We could choose a hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, anything special like freckles and such. We could give them names. That would also be good for the clothing customizer idea I had with Dream house. I love your apps SO MUCH! They’re a lot of fun to play with, and if you guys made one of these apps or did the character customizer idea, I would like it! Thanks for reading!

I have an idea

Sooo I love this app that’s why I wanted to put it on toca office cause it’s my fav one plz try this idea sooo u would have an app that’s free that’s all the apps u have in one giant world with a few more things and u have all the same people and it would be amazing also u would tap on like the hospital and if u don’t have it there would be a lock on it I just rlly want u to take this into consideration because I think if u made this app it would be much better than just having to go on separate apps to play as dif people, just wanted to see if u would take my idea into consideration well bye and I LOVE TOCA GAMES :)

Idea for another Toca Boca!

Hello! I just wanted to say I give 5 stars for all the Toca Boca games. I think they’re very fun and creative. And I have an idea for another one! It could be called Toca Village. I’ve always wanted at least 3 houses in one game. So in Toca Village there is 3 houses! There is also a supermarket, doctors office, zoo, the storage place, and a restaurant! It would be so fun and I would play it all day! Everyday when I come home from school, I check the Toca Boca apps to see if they added a new one. If they did, I would buy it. I already have all of the apps! Anyways, me and my friends have been dying for Toca Village! If you guys make it, we would play it all day long. If you’re reading this, It’s just and idea. No reason to actually make it, I know there are a lot of ideas other people have. Well, thank you for your time! I hope you guys make a new Toca Boca! Bye!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋 Actually, one more thing, tons and tons of people want Toca to combine all the apps into one world! That’s a great idea! But, what if you make a new one? Well, if you combine them all, and make a new app, you can make it so It’s locked, and when you buy it, It’ll unlock! It would be so cool! Okie, now I’m done! Thank you! To: Toca Boca From: Me! Lol. 😂😂


I am only 11 but I still play all your games this one especially made me happy one of your characters has white patches of her witch is called vitiligo I have it and not many characters have it so it made me happy to have a character that looks like me

A new game idea

Hello I just wanted to let you know that I decide that there's a new game creation that I wanted to talk to you about. You should have a game called Toca Life: City/School. It has a house, hair salon,gym in the school,They can also have classes like math,reading,science, History. Also they have clothes for the cheerleaders and the football players and the soccer players or the basketball players all their uniforms

Good Apps! And A Suggestion

I Love These Apps!!!! Also, Can You Add A FREE APP, Called Toca Life: Subway. So Like, If You Want To Change A Person’s Hair From Toca Office, Put Em On The Subway.

Love it!

I love the Toca Boca life games I have hope more will come out soon they are soo fun and if you take time to look around there are many Easter eggs I love these games so much❤️😯

I have question

Since I have purchased the full bundle whenever you make new apps will i get that app or will i have to buy it spepritly sorry about the spelling cause I'm a kid


I love toca life games and have most of them. It would be really cool if you created a super app that had all of the toca life games in one city and you could travel from place to place.


Ok so, HI I love your games and I want to suggest that. The next one is an amusement park! I think that it would be fun to like control the ride with cute characters! Ps. I am 14 and I have all of the Toca life games, never an age limit for fun!

Love Them! ❤️✅

Hi, I’m only 11 but I have saved up all my allowance money just to buy a new Toca Life game every time a new one comes out. I am technically a Toca Life collector, I have all 9 life apps. I might be getting a little to old for this, but who cares! These apps are super fun and and educational. I have some suggestions for this app in particular. I would say to add a secret lab for the villains or something. I also have some ideas for the Toca Life apps in general. I think you should keep the apps coming! A Toca Life Zoo would be cool. Or Toca Life College. Another one would be, Toca Life Pool, Or Toca Life Arcade. I know you’re probably going to ignore this, but whatever you have time for is great. I hope you all make more apps to the series and keep on updating previous games!


What if there was a Toca boca that was like famou where there were a red carpet and a mansion like HOLLYWOOD LIFE!!!! Or maybe toca boca circus idk but like yeah

Best apps ever

I love these apps so much but in to a life office I suggest A big house with like a better kids room. And a living room. And please make toddler size kids. And that would be awesome. I know you don’t listen to any review but I would love it

Worth every penny!

Like every Toca Life app, they are each so entertaining and amazing. I love making up stories, and the superhero costumes. They really add to the app. Yes, $3 might be much, but to me it’s really worth it.

What about......

What you could make a multiplayer game!Me and my litter sister want to play together on one of you Life games!Please make something like that


I love your apps and I can’t wait until the next toca boca life,but if you need ideas I got some,there should be one where it’s in space and you get to go to different planets and ride in space ships,if that happens I would love your apps even more.

Greatest game in the history of games

Toca your amazing at making games ! I love them your games are silly fun and so much more ! My friend and I love to find stuff from the office on Netflix this app is definitely a roleplay upgrade its so fun and interactive!!!I just love your apps. Sincerely, A true fan

Good, but...

I like the game, but when I deleted it, the app store forgot I bought it, so now I can't redowload the game without buying the app again.


I’m pretty old but I have about all the games and I love them they are awesome five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

New game idea

I have a game idea Toca life college with a home, and college,and principal office, and recess yard. I hope you consider my idea and it is ok if you don’t.

This game is so lame

When I play this game it goes back to home screen can you make the game cooler why can’t the helicopter fly to the People’s homes can you make the game have peoples houses and when your father helicopter lands your backyard and to give make it fly to the restaurant

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