Toca Life: Office App Reviews

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How do you get to the secret room??

I don’t know how to get in the secret room if anyone knows how plz write a feedback or reply

I love it

I love It it is so much fun so so so entertaining.make them free please for the people like me who don’t want to pay so please.tank you i love it bye

Best game ever

I really like this game because there are so so many cool and fun things to do if you have not played the game you Will really like it but I do have a Suggestion we should be able to fly the Helicopter and pick which place you want to go the rest Was really amazing I made this when I was 7 to 8 it was really fun

Make more toca life

This is like the best game ever. I have downloaded all the toca life games. You guys should make more like TOCA CIRCUS, TOCA CARNIVAL. YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE HOUSES IN TOCA LIFE GAMES!!!!!!!!

Don’t judge me

Don’t judge me, but I think you should make a Toca Life Theme Park. For example, a ferris wheel, popcorn/cotton candy stands, roller coasters, etc. Another idea is a Toca Life Water Park. For example, water slides, mini ice cream shop, kiddie area, sprinklers, pools, etc. Also, I think this game is amazing.🤤 Suggestions—Add a break room and vending machines, like at my mom’s office. Otherwise I’ve wasted 10 minutes writing a useless review.

Nailed it

Thank you for going above and beyond in this app. I have a suggestion for another app that you and the kids playing will love. Toca water park! (This is going to be very nerdy just warning) There would be a restaurant, home, water plant, and a water park. In the park I have some ideas that you are going to love. There would be a gift shop, smoothie stand, and a huge water slide that is blue medium one pink and small one green. Thanks one last thing toca is my go to app when I am feeling sad of upset.


I know you probabaly don't have time to read this but PLEASE GIVE THIS NOTICE!!! Toca creators I am way to old to have these games but I have all the toca life games and love them but there isn't enough content. I was thinking what about CROSS PLATFORM as in there is a map and if you own certain toca life games you can travel to different apps with no trouble. You can bring your character with you so I could have a person that lives in toca town but she can go shopping in the city and work in toca office. I personally have been thinking this idea over and think it will be the absolute BEST addition to toca games. I understand that this would have a lot of beginning bugs, coding troubles, etc. but PLEASE just hear one of your customers out on this one. Thanks for your time.


This game is great but it would be great if, you guys could connect Toca city to the office.

Important... Needs to be read.

Dear Toca Boca creators, I don’t know if this was a mistake or if it was meant to be like this, but if you hit the 🔴☘️🍀🔼 in the office and the thing pops up, you can still hear the fire in the fireplace burning. Plus I know you probably tired of hearing this, but I think you should have a bus to go to the other toca life games or you could add an airport to all the games(except for vacation) and then be able to go to another game with that character from the other game into the other one. I know many people have said this but I’ve thought about this a long time and I know that you’ve read the comments and the only app that can apparently do this is the My Playhome games. So if you guys won’t do this soon then I’ll just take my business over to My Playhome... Sincerely, Concerned Gamer

Creators of Toca Boca please listen to my idea

My cousins love your games first of all and they can’t stop playing on my phone and my cousin love to sing and dance and loves Musicals So that gave me idea of you making a game where you design a cute outfit and have them learn to sign and design their hair and then choose dance move for them and design the stage I know it sounds just like Toca dance but she doesn’t like it so I go the idea of this please make it she really and I would appreciate it


All these apps are amazing and fun for kids! Totally recommended❤️

It’s Amazing

I love this app but how do you get the secret thing under the desk? I’ll look it up.

Fantastic job

You did a great job on this, though I have a suggestion. Can you make another game that is medieval themed? I think it would be cool to have a castle and a town square and everything.

Great game

I love this game but I have a amazing idea for a nother game toca life anime school with nekos lolis senpi yanderes and more

I like it a lot

I like it a lot so. if the makers want to make one on January 15 I wade buy it. So can you guys do it plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! ; ) if you guys do it thx bye 🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😁😁😝😎😎😺


I love it. I'm just thinking that you could make a toca zoo plzz😃😃😃

Awesome game a few suggestions

The toca boca life apps are awesome and I have a few suggestions for a new app: TOCA LIFE MALL OR TOCA LIFE ZOO


Okay I don't really leave reviews. But this game was sooooo awesome! The bugs were fixed and the game is almost flawless!!! Sorry this is so short but I cannot even say how much I love this game!! ❤️

The new game ideas

I LOVE YOUR GAMES! But I think it would be awesome if there was a fantasy toca with unicorns that can actually do magic pegisi that can actually fly a castle with a drawbridge and moat and more! Also if you know the background I would like if you could go in the background and in toca office you know the pool in the middle I would like if you could go in the pool also if there were different things that the people could do like swim,dance,do gymnastics etc.

LOVE IT but can I make a suggestion

I love all toca life games have them all but can you make another like a spa one or a pet shop or a spy one with a story line I guess BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR GAMES AND I WANT MORE XD plz make more


I love this game I have downloaded every single one of the toca life. I think you should add a Christmas world for Christmas because I think that would just be amazing and everyone would love that


Dear Toca I know that you make a new life every once in a while For your next one can you please make a Toca mall but what would be better is if all the life’s you made were in one world that would be awesome from addi age 10 California I have bought all the

Love the game

It is really good


Just like the other ones, the amount of detail and the things you can play around with is astounding. The shiny graphics and diverse set of character makes the game worth while, but be warned, it does get boring easily. With the whole “superhero” thing pushed in your face it makes it obvious what the game wants you to do, creating a straightforward path that limits creativity in some areas. Just a tip to the game creators; make the object of the game more ambiguous so there are more situations the child can create inside their head instead of just replaying the same old repeating cycle of “OH NO THE BANK GOT ROBBED!!!?!”. There are also a lot of mechanics that really don’t actually need to be there, just to make the game bigger and more captivating to an audience. All in all worth it for the pretty look, but again, gets boring easily unlike the others.

Toca life zoo

Pleasssssssse make a toca life zoo I have been begging you guys but you never made it I hope you make a toca life zoo please make it please I beg you to make it


I LOVE THIS GAME AAAAAA! You are VERY talented at making games for us!! But I had an idea where you can make a SKI LODGE! There can be a ski rental place, a hill to ski on, a cabin to sleep in, and a restaurant where they can eat! It would be AWESOME if you guys could make it! 😁😁😁

You did it again

Love you guys and can you checkout toca hospital I wrote when you amazing guys made that game from a toca boca girl who loves toca thank you❤️❤️


Nice game but needs an update

I love this game😘😘😀😀🤜👍🏻👍

This is the B-E-S-T game ever (and all the other toca life games) but seriously it’s the best but I wish you could add more people because there are like 20 people and like 💯 things to do and if you got something perfect and you don’t want to mess it up and take the people away to do it then you have a problem if you want to use one person from that perfect situation than you really have a BIG problem!!!But if you add more people than you don’t have to move them away from what you did before. AND in one of the other reviews someone brought up taking people from one game and taking it to another and what about things..... I personally think you should put more clothe in the hotels or houses or apartments because what if you have a big family you want more clothes in a hotel right? So you should add more close each place people can live so they’re more comfortable and sometimes you should add more rooms because sometimes you have like a bunch of babies in the specially if you do more people you’re going to need more houses and stuff maybe you should I had like a small neighborhood and then you can have like three houses you can have more than one family and I can have like neighbors and you can go out eat out with each other i’m just giving you some ideas coming until the office you should add like the helicopter be able to fly and you can take it to different games and in toca vacation you could add like a small place in every other game that has a helicopter so just saying I had some ideas BUT again I really LOVE THAT GAME 📱

Love it

I love this game. I love all of your games. I think it would be fun to have toca life zoo. I love animals. So do my friends. Thank you for all your games.

Amazing But

I love it but the helicopter not so much because and here's what I mean (example: Toca Stable has a car that makes you go places instead of pressing the home button) and that right there is what I want the helicopter to make you go places


Best app ever 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀

This amazing!

Omg, I left a review saying that we should create an toca boca business, (and obviously they called it toca office.) but it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New game

Can you please make a new called "Toca Boca Castle"and "Toca Boca Birthday"Please.

Very fun and detailed!

I love this app! The effort you put into your work is astonishing! Make more Toca Boca Life games! Each one has made me smile!


I love the game it is fun for all my siblings and parents it's a cute and fun game all of the to a boca games get upgraded a lot like every month or two it gets all these new things to do and every holiday it's give you a upgrade with fun things that are mostly in that holiday we love it and think your next game should be to a construction site


I really love this app. I think you guys should make a toca life world which combines them all. Oh in every life app can you add more houses.

What's up Toca baca

I have a few suggestions on future games. What about Toca Life kingdom with queens and kings and castles and knights not Toca stable and have dragons or Evil wizards. Thanks so much!

Absolutely perfect!

Greetings, After buying your application, I noted that the game contains a little amount of characters. Which is why I would like you to create an app called toca OC. Toca OC would allow you to create a toca character either with the draw technique or the feature selector. After creating your toca OC, you then get a OC image. You then give the OC to any toca life apps, giving you an original character. I really hope that you look into this and create something similar. I will post more ideas in the future. (Toca VR perhaps?) Thank you for the wonderful app!

More stuff

It's a great game for little kids but my sister makes me play everyday and she asks for multiplayer mode so can you try your hardest to do a multiplayer mode plz


OMG this brand of game is the best,the quality is the greatest and I love the little secrets in the game!

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😡

Everything is really good but you need to make the helicopter move then it wold be even more fun.another thing you could add would be make the people talk make the people move on there own.please take my advice because I play games a lot!!!!!!!!!

Have some suggestions but a great game!

Ok, ok only one suggestion. The suggestion is that you can move a character to the different toca apps. For example, if you don't like someone's hair you bring them to toca life city which will bring you to the salon. Another example is if you want your character to have a vacation, bring them to toca life vacation. But the main thing is that I have favorite characters that I want to be together from each app. PLEASE DO THIS. I also see A LOT of people asking for this so please, please, please do this! Also I just want to say that I love all the toca life games and the next update please do this!

Idea for new game

For a new Toca Boca life game that you make, I think that you should make one that’s called family. Where you can make different families!

PLZ READ!!! suggestions!!!

So I was just watching "what's going on?!" You know from toca boca vids!!! Well anyhow... The video is called what if? And it was where in toca city mix different things together and see what it makes! I watch that and I saw a baby mix with something and it turned into like a baby rocketship?!?! In that gave me the idea to make a game Toca space it would be a great idea for kids to get the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time you could have different planets you could visit and like Martians and stuff!!! I really hope you like my dear please reply!! (Oh and ur games are sooo good! Keep doing what ur doing)

Love ❤️ it new game ideas:)!!!!!!!

Ok. So, I absolutely love this game I play it all the time. There is one minor problem to me though.. there are not a lot of characters to choose from. I think you hear about this enough already, but I am just telling the truth😀 overall though this is a great game totally install this app!! Sooooooo, one of my new game ideas. I call it "Toca life: Arcade!!" So in this game, there should be An Arcade. Obviously 🙄 and there should be like a little food shack or something similar to that. There should also be at least 1 house so that there is room for people to stay in. This game I call "Toca life: mansion." So in this game you should have a mansion and you should have 2 story's and you should have at least 4 rooms on each floor. Suggestions for the rooms are: bedroom(s) aquarium( small) bathroom(s) kitchen living room etc. Thank you for reading!!!! And Toca Boca?? Keep up the fantastic work!!!😃😍😛💜❤️🌈💙

Halloween is coming up

So since Halloween is coming up I think that maybe you could make a Nother Toca life game that is like all about Halloween with vampires witches and ghosts and just all those other things that are Halloween related and if you could make one then oh my God thank you.

This game is awesome but

This game is awesome I love it there's one problem though I think you should add more characters and there's two games I really want you to make took a zoo people been asking but I think it will be fine to make a Toca Life fair


This app is pretty cool I like it there a lot of stuff too do like work at a office or daycare or be a judge and more and the super hero stuff is cool too so I think a toca life zoo or pet shelter or even a camping one with would be pretty cool too play.



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