Toca Life: Office App Reviews

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It’s a great app

I really like this app I think it's the best out of the Toca Boca games.Its a great 4 y ar old brother loves to play it.

Toca life: maker

Like the game, one of my favorites, I was thinking maybe you could make another game called toca life: maker. There would be 5 locations and 2 suggestion . #1 house designer, it looks like a factory on the outside (so do #2 and #3 and #5) but on the inside you get to make and design your own home. #2 character builder, make your own toca life person with hair, skin tone, face and name. It would have two buttons that would tell you if they were male or female. The characters would have a white shirt and blue pants until you get too #3 which is next #3 fashion studio, were you can make your own clothing from dresses to a hoodie and sweatpants. #4 Drivers school, you can learn to drive and get a drivers licenses to dive around town to get places #5 work station, were you make your very own job like the logo and what you do. You could make a high class business or subway it’s your choice 2, put a button near the reset button that goes to a selection bar with everyone creations and come live with them and have a


I got the app and I LOVE it there’s some stuff to do I love all the toca life apps i wish y’all would make more and one Idea I’ve had a long time is Toca life train station So you can ride the train to the next station and there would be like 2 or 3 station and at the station is a little gift shop and a food court And the outside the station is a apartments and a office and a school and a car shop thats all love the apps

This is a great app but

It’s not that big of a problem but at the daycare you can’t put the xylophone on the shelf That bugs me

I love Toca boca!

My favorite games are the Toca life games but they are not free so I only have first suggestion to make them better is to make them free.if my parents would let me I would buy them about Toca life:office. could there be more people?there aren’t that friend has most Toca life games and when I played Toca life:stable I realized there was no cabin for them to sleep in and there should be more places to go and how about a mountain or a cave or maybe even let them go into the forest to climb trees or a little clinic for the horse riders and in the back there could be a vet with medicine and casts or I have a few ideas for new of them is Toca life:fair.there could be bumper cars and a fairis wheel and popcorn and snow cones,ring toss,laser tag and roller coaster. Maybe you could make Toca life:mid evil times and there could be a castle, knights, a jousting arena, horse stables,and a village. That all I have for today so thank you for your time Bye!

Make more toca please

Can you make one about fat rodents? (AKA hamsters and guinea pigs) And this is coming from me and my Bff. Yes, we are very weird. Anyway, More ideas! Outer space and mall. A fantasy one with mermaids, dragons, unicorns, princesses, castles, wizards, genies that come out of a lamp when tapped on. Underwater Atlantis with shipwrecks, sharks, fish, narwhals, and mermaids. And you can customize your mermaid with a closet and house. I have a very involved idea that I would really love if you could make it. It would take a long time though. I want there to be a game called toca travel where you can travel to different countries. In each country there is different cultures. If you made this I would want you to make the United States and also Paris. Also different time periods of history like western, castles, cavemen times, and Native American time, Egyptian, and before the ice age. I really love toca games and I have bought every single one of your toca life games. I really hope you take some (or all) of our ideas. Thank you so much for your time and thanks for reading this! Have a nice day!

Toca life transportation

I LOVE TOCA LIFE you guys make amazing apps that help kids wth there story telling! AND U HAVE TO MAKE MORE TOCA LIFE !!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 I think u should make a toca life transportation where there is a train station a place to buy cars and a boat yacht thing and maybe even a plane wth first class

Amazing Game!

I love this game and evrything on it! I just have one little suggestion, can you have more characters, there is only four or five that i like. And that the helicopter would go to different locations on the game. I dont have anything much left to say, but this is one of the best games ever! Keep up the good work Toca Boca! I love all the games you make and i know that everyone else would love this game too! Buy this game! Totally worth $4! Amazing Game!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Perfect for Everyone!

This is probably one of my favorite Toca Boca Games because the secret codes and gems are so cool! One of my problems with it is how limited your space is. In Toca Life City you can go to the Theatre, there’s lots of little shops, there’s a food court, etc. Besides that, this is a perfect game for ages 3-100! Here are my ideas for new Toca Boca Life Games: - Toca Life: Theme Park - Toca Life: Kitten Rescue - Toca Life: Baby Care Hope you like these!

I love your apps and please make more

I will get them to at least like make a tell me space or like just something that would be unexpected but the apps I just love the great work on the toga apps I really like all of the toga lif Apps and some other stuff but please just make something that will make the people want to get that one really bad and they will be like oh my gosh I did not see this coming just love the apps they are amazing you should get it if you don’t already have it!!!! I mean like wow 😲

Wallet And Trophy

Wallet Is Cute Because, He's Very Tiny! Wallet Lives In The Bank Jail! There's A Yellow Girl Named Trophy! She Doesn't Live In The Bank Jail, She Lives In The Office Package, Here's The Cute Friends, Wallet, Trophy, Crumpet Bo & Other Cute Friends! - The Tuckle Man


I would rate more stars but it’s not free idk why you have to make all your games be paid for. I’m sure more people would play your games if they didn’t have to pay for them.

Toca Boca plz read this

Ok so first I would like to say this game is AWESOME! And now for game ideas.1. toca life planet where you can choose from toca life town to toca life after school ( which I have purchased) 2. Toca life carnival where you have roller coasters, Ferris wheel, and much more! 3. Toca life video game where you can buy a VR, iPad, iPhone, laptop, computer and more but... YOU CAN PLAY THEM! 4. Toca life kitchen where you can make any food in the toca boca universe and have restaurants, and a farm! 5. Toca life zoo where you can see loins, tigers, monkeys, and more! Please make one of these ideas real. Thank you for your time. P.S. I have purchased all the Toca life games!

Great game but some suggestions

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! Hi, so I wanted to say that you have great games and they are so fun and creative. A suggestion, when you make updates my Toca game restarts then I have to do it over again. PLEASE stop that from happening! Second suggestion, if you want to make another game, can you make a wedding one like with dresses, suits and everything wedding but also make people like with actual newborns like in toca hospital. And a honey moon and maybe people pregnant and make a nice home too. It’s up to you guys through! Thank you for the amazing games!!! - Aylanni

I want a Toca life beasts

A few months ago in November or December I had a sleep over with my best friend and she had toca life pets and she got me into toca games my one problem is I’m a ton boy I want dinosaurs dragons dinosaur people snakes stuff like that and I thought why can’t u make a toca life beasts I think a lot of kids would like it if u did here’s what I’d like u to put in it 🙂 a dinosaur world that u can ride the dinosaurs in I want a whater fall and I want dinosaur people to inhabit the place that live in caves and and have spears I want the people to be half dinosaur half person than a mid evil world with castles Griffey’s dragons and a lot of mythical creatures and knights and stuff like that and u guessed it mythical creature people to than an under whater world with krakens mosasauroses pleaseosaurs cyclas ships and a treasure trove megaladons a people to but I want the the people to be huge for some of these than an village of cave men and mammoths and sabretooth tigers and stuff like that and I want a secret in the game were u can summon a Multiple headed dragon and its crystal armor and the multi headed half dragon half man rider than the shop with armor for all the beasts speacal for each kind or u can mid match them that would be funny and pelts and stuff like that in toca life beast and thank u for reading this and who else wants a toca life beasts I know I do 😀

I love this game! But I have an app idea

Hello creators of Toca Boca, As you can see of this title I have a new app idea that you might like. Now on with my idea. Toca Boca Restaurant. I am thinking obviously a restaurant, and a home where the cook can live in. And a kitchen. Next to the restaurant is a dessert place. I am very sorry but I ran out of ideas. You can come up with the rest. You are a very creative company, and I am not saying that because I really want this a lot, I am saying this because it’s true. I really love your apps and admire and appreciate your work. I hope you read this and hope you like and create my idea. Goodbye

Great game! Maybe more levels?

I love all of the Toca Boca Life apps! This one is the most modern and has a lot of customizable stories. Maybe for the big work building there could be more levels like a pet work level where pets could go to work and maybe a level with an outdoor area as a room? Thanks for making amazing games! -Peep

Stop it!

Your Making me TOO happy so Stop! Hehehe but one thing can you lower the price I’m having to go on my brothers iPad to play toca farm


I like your apps but there is a bug in the new update where I can’t move the screen it happened on all of the Toca life games please fix thanks

Its great but one problem

The app is great! But it keeps exiting out😕 I keep trying to play it but it just exits me out! Please fix this😕🙁🙁

Great game but one thing🙂

This game is amazing but there is one thing that I would like to say. As you know in your video you show some things that are really cool but I cannot get to work like the fire place. It shows that you can open it up and there is a secret compartment behind it. I just can’t seem to get that to open. I also think that you should make it so that you can make everything in the game able to move around. I also have a little complaint , I sometimes want my characters that are in different buildings to be able to use a wheelchair but whenever I try to make that happen I can’t do it. Then when I try to put a person in a wheel chair back the wheelchair won’t stay with them. Also you kind of exaggerate when you show the alarm system because when I do it it is not as cool as you make it look. You should think about updating it and making the game have seasons like winter,fall,spring, and summer and adding new buildings every once in a while. You should also think about adding other features like beaches and oceans and other things like that. It gets kind of boring though after a while. I think that if you made it so that I could earn points and get rewards it would be better. But I’m older than 8 and I think it is a great game so that’s saying something. So thanks for reading this and I hope you know that I really do enjoy your game.

Just a suggestion

Hey Toca Boca I think in the life games you should name all the characters and buy this thing in all the games we’re you add those characters in other games so you can do role plays with the same characters by the way I am 10 but I still love playing this game I’ve bought every single Toca life games and there great!

I 💖 it but...

I love this game! I love all of them but i was wondering if you could make Toca Life Boo. Its like toca boo but it could even have a BACKSTORY!!! And a CUTSCENE!!! And i could have that quija board like when i saw in the Toca Life Mix trailer. And the characters could be ghosts haunting the normal charecters that you find in all the Toca Life games. And the normal characters are kids with a scared facial expression that looks like this-> 😱 Plz make this game and if ya dont...😿 Anyway... HAVE A NICE SUMMER!!!

I like it but!

So I think it’s great. But i t Think there could be more things like oh I don’t know a place where you can get paperwork done. Like maybe a park or something. And who knows maybe you could add more places like a please if you have a problem or not. And I have more suggestions for apps like maybe you could make a talk at carnival where there could be right and fair is in all the stuff. Or maybe a token zoo where you could put all the cute animals and you couldn’t even take one home with you lucky house. Or a token Las Vegas I know it sounds weird but it would be amazing. That’s all for now I like your app.

Good app, and suggestion

I have a suggestion for a new app. Toca Life: Boarding School. I know that sounds weird and maybe not good for kids, but I think it would be cool. Dorms, a dining hall, and a few classrooms could be cool features.

New family moving in

Make a moving in game called toca life moving or toka life neberhood or toca life church that would be cool 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Coolest apps ever

So cool so awesome! The thing I love about it is that for any age it is money but it’s so fun! I enjoy this app! This is more then 5 stars 🌟! I would say 100 out of 💯! I like to make charters like my mom my lil brother!!!!!! Love this app!!!!


Love this game! I’ts amazing!


Quit restarting all my lovely progress ya morons every time it updates. Aughhhhh. But good game


I love your games I cannot wait for the next game y’all come out with!!! ILY

Suggestion for a new "life” game!

I overall love this game. So this review is just a suggestion for a new game. I would suggest like a castle/medieval game where there will be knights and princesses and such. I think people would really like it!

A few suggestions! (Please read creators)

I love your toca games. I have been playing them for 8 years now. I have lots of suggestions, but I will only give you 1 that I honestly think is the best. The game is called “Toca Life: Creat” where you get to create your own characters and buildings. I strongly think that this will improve your company. Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Toca Life Fan 😃


Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that the app keeps crashing every time I try to put an ID card in the copy machine. Pls fix this issue it’s kind of annoying.

It’s okay but there’s a glitch

There’s this glitch when you try to copy the papers on the bulletin board, the app closes. But the game is the best!

You make outstanding games!

All Toca Boca games are brilliant and captivating. Though I think you’ve ended the production of Toca Life (I hope not!) there is still a lot of charisma from this game. These characters are so well thought out along with the scenery. You guys make amazing things and I’m hopeful you won’t stop. Especially with Toca Life. Like seriously, dude. That stuff is the best. Okay, thanks!!!

Amazing but one bug

If you take the old-looking scroll and put it in the copy machine, it gliches. Other than that, this is one of the best games ever!


Can their be a room full of jelly and you have to find the Secret Stuff in the room? PS: make the room BIG so it is more fun to find the secret stuff. Can the room have Gargoyles Guarding the room and you have to Standby one of the gargoyles one time and then standby the next gargoyle. Then the door opens and you go inside the room and eat all the jelly to find the secret stuff.


Dear makers of tocaboca. Thankyou for creating all these Fun Games I really love them especially Toca life. And Iv’e been Thinking what If you make a game where You can create your very own personal avatar and use it in any toca life game, just a thought. P.S. Thankyou.


I LOVE this game, but I have one issue. I can’t access the outfits in the office building!!! Nooooo!!!! Please fix this!

it was faboosh!!!

i love it because it lets kids use their imagination and their dreams in a game. i have all of your toca life games too. even though i am 8 years old i spend lots of time on toca boca. but i want to ask you something... could you make a toca life series with a water park. and one with disney in it. and one where all of the games come together??? it would be so cool!!! please reply. keep your sunny side up! byeeee!.!.!.!

Outstanding!!! Plus a suggestion of MY own

Hey Toca, I gotta say this was a great app! So many secrets to discoverer, every-time I play I find a costume or such( how cool that corner office really is!) Now In a app called Minecraft I am quite sure you are familiar with let’s several players in one same world. Now, when me and my siblings try to play on the same world, is quite hard with three hands on an iPad. Maybe if you could find a way to get different people on one same game if they all own the app, which would require connection. Thank you so much for taking the time to read review, keep doing great things Toca!


This is one of the best toca games yet.... but one problem it’s not a major one, every time I use the copier in the office the game crashes

Ideas and love

As usual I love your new game. Im a loyal toca life fan, I have all of them. I had an idea to where you could connect all of the games. Like if you were in toca life office, you could pretend one of the babies is sick and take them to the hospital. Also, for new toca life games, I have some ideas: toca life mall, toca life museum, toca life daycare, toca life amusement park(like a carnival or a waterpark), toca life jail, toca life fashion show, toca life hotel- I just really enjoy these games. I’ve been playing them for years- and they seriously do appeal to all ages because I’m going into high school soon and I still love them. Thank you guys for everything you do!!

Toca boca

I think you should put more thing to do in the game and more thing and more people and more place to go to please please thank you

Love love love

Hi my name is Marley. I am nine. I just want to say something about one of the updates. We need more towels! There is only like one towel. Your update would be more effective if you had more towels. Also some app suggestions: Toca Life World, where they can travel to different games and other countries! Toca Life Zoo, with a petting zoo area and different habitats. Toca Life Circus, with cotton candy, tricks, singing and more! And I’ll let you be the idea people and think up the rest of them. But, I think you’re doing a great job and I love, love, love the apps. Every time you unleash another app, I immediately ask to buy it. Oh, here’s a big one, PLEASE MAKE YOUR APPS FREE!! And I mean on Apple, Samsung, and Amazon.


I love all Toca life games I’m a absolutely ADDICTED to the games. But maybe you could make it so that if your friend has the same Toca life as you, you could pair your devices and play together and see what each other are doing.

Needs more work and stuff


One emoji, 😍


i like it but i want free app so i’m gives it tow stars 🏒🥅👺👹🤢🤮💩💩💩💩💩👍🏻👎🏻👇🏻👆🏻🖕🏻

can you make apps. that are free

Awesome but..

The games awesome! But I’m running out of food. So please add a store!

  • send link to app