Toca Life: Office App Reviews

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I love toca ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💕

I love everything but you need more girl cloths for the baby’s and adults you need there to be more room I the house and make more house 🏡

I love this game!

Hello creators of Toca Boca, I LOVE U!!❤️ you guys r the best ur apps make me feel complete. If it werent for your company i would have been a normal person with no humor. I promise when im an adult i will still play these games. I love you guys. God Bless you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bye.

Amazing Apps! But...

There’s always a “but” in these situations. This applies to all Life apps, not just this one. When I open a Toca Life app on WiFi, it works like normal, but when offline, I can get as far as the loading screen after the play button screen before it crashes. I’ve tried swiping the apps, restarting my iPad, but nothing. Please take this into consideration, as it bugs me when I can’t play the apps while in the car. 🚀Soy Out!🌱


okay, first great game totally recommend! But TOCA LIFE WORLD AND NEIGHBORHOOD! One question... why are u making two games? Anywho super excited for both of the games to come out!

Lovin it, but need help!

I absolutely love this game and think that it’s one of the best of them all but one problem is that I need help, because when I go on the game there’s no sound 🙁 and this goes for every Toca life app I have! Please somebody help me

Great game, however...

I wish you move in the wheelchair and that it would tell you if you found everything that’s hidden

Love the apps

Mockingjay750 I really think they should do that love the apps


Help!!!! I’m dying of amazement!! This game is absolutely wonderful. It has so much to explore. My favorite part is the bank because you worked so hard to put in those little details that you wouldn’t ever expect😄😄😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂🙂 continue making amazing games but don’t get to overwhelmed because this is definitely not easy🙂

Please Read. More Great Ideas

Hi it's me again the 10 year old boy who has all the toca life but wants more. I wrote a review in toca pets about a toca life creator lab. Anyway I have another idea. First this what I think of the game. I love it and all the super suits are "super" cool ;). I don't like the helicopter though. I think you should make so that you could go places. So here are my ideas. First toca life mall. There would be a clothes section,A food court,a baby/kid area,a toy shop,and gaming area/gaming shop. Another is toca life fantasy. You could create your fairy,troll,etc. You could also create your pet like a baby dragon,baby unicorn,etc. There would be a forest,a dragon cave,a home,and a clothes/grooming shop. In the clothes/grooming shop there would be clothes for you and your pet. That's all. If your reading this please make them. Again from a 10 year old boy who has all the toca life and wants more. P.S. I am super excited for toca life world! Please tell me when it comes out! Thanks!

One of the best ones yet

I love this game me and my brother like to host trials and solve crimes but I have some suggestions for you 1 is to add more stuff to the daycare like cribs mobiles and a rocking horse 2 make it so you can give presentations in the office with slides and stuff like that 3 add a second house 4 add a super market so you don’t have to get food from the restaurant so that’s all my ideas ps I’m very excited for the update (edit) IT JUST CRASHED

An Idea (Customizing A Character)

Your games are spectacular! Job well done! But I think you should add something else. I think for every Toca life game you should add another button at the bottom of the screen where you *make* characters. This button should allow you to choose if your character is an adult, teen, child, baby, creature, etc. Then you can design it by scrolling through options in the “customizing character” part, including picking its hair, clothes, facial features, etc. Well just an idea. Thank you!


Best gam ever probably their most addicting

Ono word

LOVE IT 🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈 also pls make ur apps free pls I can’t get ur games pls I will delete all ur games if not make free a app free a week pls I love ur games sorry bye pls respond delvopers


THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! I also have some ideas Toca life: expedition! So maybe have a bunch of cool places, like the seven wonders of the world, and some old stuff like the hanging gardens of Babylon and Atlantis, also have like one house for each place Toca life: summer camp! With a mess hall, a lake, and 3 cabins Toca life: cruise ship! With four rooms, a restaurant, a pool, and two water slides Toca: studio! Where you can draw clothing and hats and stuff and then rate it Toca life: space! Where there’s Mars, a rocket ship, the moon, and a sloth planet! Also have housing everywhere except sloth planet 🌍. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!! P.s. hi Stefan! Thanks for showing me the office!😄😄


Ok, First, I love love LOVE Toca Life!!! Secondly, I know it’s no out yet but thanks for making Toca life world free I’ve wanted it to be free since I’ve heard about it!!! So thanks!!! And lastly, I love your apps but I wished they were free, but I understand. You do it to get money which is fine! But I still want some of them to be free. Could you do that? Thanks if you read this! A Toca Boca Gamer


Ever since Toca city was released, it has been wanted for so long. A game which you can bring other characters,or all of the games in one. A game where you could do anything. A game which has been wanted for almost 2 years now. Has finally come... THANK YOUUUU FOR LISTENING! all of us have been waiting for toca world! I’m deleting all the other games and buying toca world when it comes out!

Keep up the good work

Your apps are amazing even though I am like 10 years old these apps are so addictive. The only thing is is that Toca apps are expensive toca office is a great game I would highly recommended this app for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Please consider these three ideas

My sisters and I love Toca life! I play it almost every day! We have so many ideas for new topics. Three are Spa, Museum, and Carnival. In spa there can be face masks and hot tubs, museum there can be a dinosaur and and art section, and a science center! In carnival there can be games and rides, or maybe a clown. Please think about these ideas! Me and my sisters really want these to become a reality!

Itz ok...

I like it I just think right now “ huh needs more something ? “ I think a new location would be nice


I❤️❤️❤️ Toca Boca and I Have played for almost my whole life but why do you put different people in the games? And also I think you should make something like Toca Rich people or Toca rich life thanks if you will

I love but Needs to be all one app

I love the to a life games so much, however I wish they were all combined in one giant world with all the characters instead of individual apps. It would make the game be able to have better story lines.

I love it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I love it the is so many superheroes but for all the costumes there’s not much character, and I read this weeks thing and if it said if Leon likes taking the blame for Rita that obviously means he likes her so I think you should put Rita in toca office or put Leon in toca after school plz, and a recommendation for a new game maybe a toca future or zoo or daycare


Ok so I think this was a really fun a creative Toca life because you didn’t just ad a office and city like stetting you added super hero’s (btw I love super hero’s ima DC fan) And here’s some more Toca ideas Toca space station Toca ski resort Toca forest w/ hiking mountain and camp and stuff Toca trailer park Toca ocean/beach Toca jungle w/ temple Toca fair Toca mine

I love it

I have Many of Toca apps my favorite are the Toca life. I have a few suggestions to make your games even better. A lot of people have been suggesting that you guys mix the Toca games and I think it would be awesome! Another thing I think you should do is add more characters to Toca office, farm, and hospital and if you do please made the characters pretty. I love ALL of your games your awesome!❤️


I’m 9 years old and I play this game it’s fun! And my sister plays and she’s 14, but one thing... What about making Toca Space? Or Toca boca world (Toca boca world would have a lot of worlds in one) But let’s not talk about that what I wanted to say was...I LOVE IT! PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!


So super fun! I love all the toca life games!

I love this game!

I really wish I could bring characters from other games into other ones, for example mockingjays idea!

Need new toca life games

Like fantasy tacos life nature country life summer life driving and a lot others

I ❤️ it

Dear Toca Boca Team, I love these games that you guys made I am only 10 years old, but this game is perfect my only request is if you guys can make some of the free like on sale. Two years ago you guys made some of these games free and I kept loading them I have half of all the games on all the electronics my family has, but all I ask is if you guys can put some of them on sale. That is all I ask, but I don’t expect you guys to do it. My sister loves these games and she is only 2 years old and every time she’s on her iPad she plays your games the most. If you guys can make one of these games on sale I will give 5 stars every time it’s upated or new.


I just want to say thx for changing my life with theese apps I love how smart you guys are I don’t have much to say accept I love theses apps never stop making them!!!

The diversity

I love every single one of your apps, but one the best parts about is the diversity you have characters who are black,white, Asian you have options so people with disabilities can play with characters that look like them,You even have character with vitiligo!It’s really beautiful.

LOVE IT but one suggustion and please read

So i was thinking that sometimes i dont really like a piece of furniture or something so i throw it away and a few min later it is there again so maybe make and feature where you can temporarily delete and item until you leave the app

Great and I have some suggestions😊

I love toca life apps and even though I am 11 I still play them. They’re just so much fun! I have some toca life .suggestions and I would really LOVE it if you would make them. 1. Toca life Zoo. There could be animals of course, a souvenir shop, and a house. And maybe have feeders to feed the animals. 2. Toca Life amusement park. With games, rides, and again a house. And the rides and games actually work. Please take these suggestions cause they could be so fun.


Pls make a toca life neighborhood where u basically get to go in about 3 or 4 different houses and u know play in them and stuff anyway love ur games 10 outa 10 😊👍

Great game

This is a great game,not only because it is cute but it is diverse.dviversity is a very important for children and I think it is a great game and it is very fun to play . But I do have a question. What are the gems for?

It’s a great app

I really like this app I think it's the best out of the Toca Boca games.Its a great 4 y ar old brother loves to play it.

Toca life: maker

Like the game, one of my favorites, I was thinking maybe you could make another game called toca life: maker. There would be 5 locations and 2 suggestion . #1 house designer, it looks like a factory on the outside (so do #2 and #3 and #5) but on the inside you get to make and design your own home. #2 character builder, make your own toca life person with hair, skin tone, face and name. It would have two buttons that would tell you if they were male or female. The characters would have a white shirt and blue pants until you get too #3 which is next #3 fashion studio, were you can make your own clothing from dresses to a hoodie and sweatpants. #4 Drivers school, you can learn to drive and get a drivers licenses to dive around town to get places #5 work station, were you make your very own job like the logo and what you do. You could make a high class business or subway it’s your choice 2, put a button near the reset button that goes to a selection bar with everyone creations and come live with them and have a


I got the app and I LOVE it there’s some stuff to do I love all the toca life apps i wish y’all would make more and one Idea I’ve had a long time is Toca life train station So you can ride the train to the next station and there would be like 2 or 3 station and at the station is a little gift shop and a food court And the outside the station is a apartments and a office and a school and a car shop thats all love the apps

This is a great app but

It’s not that big of a problem but at the daycare you can’t put the xylophone on the shelf That bugs me

I love Toca boca!

My favorite games are the Toca life games but they are not free so I only have first suggestion to make them better is to make them free.if my parents would let me I would buy them about Toca life:office. could there be more people?there aren’t that friend has most Toca life games and when I played Toca life:stable I realized there was no cabin for them to sleep in and there should be more places to go and how about a mountain or a cave or maybe even let them go into the forest to climb trees or a little clinic for the horse riders and in the back there could be a vet with medicine and casts or I have a few ideas for new of them is Toca life:fair.there could be bumper cars and a fairis wheel and popcorn and snow cones,ring toss,laser tag and roller coaster. Maybe you could make Toca life:mid evil times and there could be a castle, knights, a jousting arena, horse stables,and a village. That all I have for today so thank you for your time Bye!

Make more toca please

Can you make one about fat rodents? (AKA hamsters and guinea pigs) And this is coming from me and my Bff. Yes, we are very weird. Anyway, More ideas! Outer space and mall. A fantasy one with mermaids, dragons, unicorns, princesses, castles, wizards, genies that come out of a lamp when tapped on. Underwater Atlantis with shipwrecks, sharks, fish, narwhals, and mermaids. And you can customize your mermaid with a closet and house. I have a very involved idea that I would really love if you could make it. It would take a long time though. I want there to be a game called toca travel where you can travel to different countries. In each country there is different cultures. If you made this I would want you to make the United States and also Paris. Also different time periods of history like western, castles, cavemen times, and Native American time, Egyptian, and before the ice age. I really love toca games and I have bought every single one of your toca life games. I really hope you take some (or all) of our ideas. Thank you so much for your time and thanks for reading this! Have a nice day!

Toca life transportation

I LOVE TOCA LIFE you guys make amazing apps that help kids wth there story telling! AND U HAVE TO MAKE MORE TOCA LIFE !!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 I think u should make a toca life transportation where there is a train station a place to buy cars and a boat yacht thing and maybe even a plane wth first class

Amazing Game!

I love this game and evrything on it! I just have one little suggestion, can you have more characters, there is only four or five that i like. And that the helicopter would go to different locations on the game. I dont have anything much left to say, but this is one of the best games ever! Keep up the good work Toca Boca! I love all the games you make and i know that everyone else would love this game too! Buy this game! Totally worth $4! Amazing Game!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Perfect for Everyone!

This is probably one of my favorite Toca Boca Games because the secret codes and gems are so cool! One of my problems with it is how limited your space is. In Toca Life City you can go to the Theatre, there’s lots of little shops, there’s a food court, etc. Besides that, this is a perfect game for ages 3-100! Here are my ideas for new Toca Boca Life Games: - Toca Life: Theme Park - Toca Life: Kitten Rescue - Toca Life: Baby Care Hope you like these!

I love your apps and please make more

I will get them to at least like make a tell me space or like just something that would be unexpected but the apps I just love the great work on the toga apps I really like all of the toga lif Apps and some other stuff but please just make something that will make the people want to get that one really bad and they will be like oh my gosh I did not see this coming just love the apps they are amazing you should get it if you don’t already have it!!!! I mean like wow 😲

Wallet And Trophy

Wallet Is Cute Because, He's Very Tiny! Wallet Lives In The Bank Jail! There's A Yellow Girl Named Trophy! She Doesn't Live In The Bank Jail, She Lives In The Office Package, Here's The Cute Friends, Wallet, Trophy, Crumpet Bo & Other Cute Friends! - The Tuckle Man


I would rate more stars but it’s not free idk why you have to make all your games be paid for. I’m sure more people would play your games if they didn’t have to pay for them.

Toca Boca plz read this

Ok so first I would like to say this game is AWESOME! And now for game ideas.1. toca life planet where you can choose from toca life town to toca life after school ( which I have purchased) 2. Toca life carnival where you have roller coasters, Ferris wheel, and much more! 3. Toca life video game where you can buy a VR, iPad, iPhone, laptop, computer and more but... YOU CAN PLAY THEM! 4. Toca life kitchen where you can make any food in the toca boca universe and have restaurants, and a farm! 5. Toca life zoo where you can see loins, tigers, monkeys, and more! Please make one of these ideas real. Thank you for your time. P.S. I have purchased all the Toca life games!

Great game but some suggestions

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! Hi, so I wanted to say that you have great games and they are so fun and creative. A suggestion, when you make updates my Toca game restarts then I have to do it over again. PLEASE stop that from happening! Second suggestion, if you want to make another game, can you make a wedding one like with dresses, suits and everything wedding but also make people like with actual newborns like in toca hospital. And a honey moon and maybe people pregnant and make a nice home too. It’s up to you guys through! Thank you for the amazing games!!! - Aylanni

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